We are Generation BSK. Come Hang.

To many people, teens are a mystery. And that’s just how we like it. We speak our own language, write our own rules (whenever we can) and we’re so far ahead of the trends we’re inventing them. That outfit you’re wearing? We were spotted in that two years ago.

And Bershka – they like us so much they gave us a special collection with a name that sets us apart. They call it BSK and it’s basically the trends that haven’t even become trends yet. Great for skate parks, schoolyards after hours, hanging with friends, you know, life stuff.

The vibe is relaxed and put together, kind of like you didn’t study for the test but aced it anyway. These are the styles you can literally throw on in the morning and look amazing the whole day, which is great because sleeping late is life.

For girls, we’re going ALL in, on showing off that slice of skin above your jeans and below your shirt. All hail the midriff, basically. Yep, crop-tops are mega, and the more cropped the better. Case in point is the ultra-cropped sweat with its surfer vibes, worn with a so-pretty-it’s-edgy floral print skirt. Or go for a skate-style crop-top with graffiti print, teamed up with lilac trousers (and BYO board). Your bestie is probs wearing a lime green romper with punk-inspired chunky boots, and your brother-from-another-mother is keeping it classic with a white tee and denim Bermuda shorts, but with a set of iconic flame-print sneakers as well.

Other major looks for girls feature souvenir shirts – menswear style with short sleeves and old-school prints, like something your dad might bring back from vacay. Work them with denim shorts, a crocheted crop-top and seashell choker and, voila! A trend is born!

Knit tops and seashells are all tapping into the 60s and 70s vibes we’re feeling right now – also in the mix are tie-dye flared trousers, and denim shorts, knitted Bardot tops and mini dresses – but revamped for the pulse of today, with chunky platform sneaks, micro-sunnies and silver chains, mixing up the decades and giving them a new-age spin.

And sure, we’re surfing the wave of 90s nostalgia big time, with looks featuring denim dungarees, halter tops and bucket hats, or bike shorts worn with an oversized tee, but we’re keeping it next gen with extra-sporty high-octane colours, reflective detailing and the latest chunky trek sandals.

Styles also take a trip to Miami with a total white look including a souvenir Miami tee, white cargos and kicks with neon bits. Grey tracksuit shorts are for lounging and whatever (who has time for the gym, really?) worn with a flower print asymmetric top. And a workwear-style romper taps into the safari trend but freshens up with sporty accessories.

Sure, we’re too young to remember the early 2000s but that doesn’t stop us completely owning the style. Check out the Too Fast Too Furious tee we’re rocking, with bandana print flares – worn like everyone’s watching. We think you should come say hi to Generation BSK. Because when it comes to style, Bershka’s speaking your language.