The Summer Scent

Cozy up your personal space with these heaven-scent candles from Diptyque. These Interior-Exterior candles come in five perfume scents- 34 Bd Saint Germain, Figuier, Tubereuse, Baies and Feu de Bois- all especially crafted to create a sanctuary of chic style and calmness this summer. 

Raw materials are to perfume what pigments and colors are to painting.
At diptyque, this meeting of the senses draws on the very essence of the Maison and its vocation as both perfumer and artist. Diptyque is expanding this principle and associated colors with five of its most distinctive fragrances for this new, limited-edition collection: Do Son, Eau des Sens, l’Ombre dans l’Eau, Philosykos and Tam Dao. It all began with a color that would evoke the raw material to majestic effect in each of the five compositions: Sea green evokes the spicy freshness of tuberose in Do Son. A golden yellow becomes as luminous as the orange blossom in Eau des Sens. Bright pink reflects the fruity, tangy rose of l’Ombre dans l’Eau. For Philosykos, aniseed green colors the scent of fig tree leaves, and a soft orange brings out the warm woody scent of sandalwood of Tam Dao.

Catch these delightfully limited edition scents of candles and perfumes at Diptyque Rockwell and Central Square.  

LivingJan Almonte