Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2019 The Backpacks Of The Season

With the Pre Fall 2019, Bottega Veneta introduces a new dynamism to its men’s bags with innovative fabrications and utilitarian elements borrowed from the world of technical outdoor gear.

The Paper Touch Nylon backpack is made primarily with this new, lightweight, water-resistant fabric with a crinkled texture—but the complex construction of each bag requires nine distinct materials. Among these, ripstop nylon, used for the bright contrast linings, elastic mesh for the pockets, and spinnaker canvas for trims and straps.

The backpack in Perforated Paper Calfskin is also lightweight and is inspired by the texture of paper. It mixes panels in perforated leather with fabric in contrasting colors on the inside, with smooth sections. The shoulder straps recall sports equipment, making the overall look relaxed and refined.

A modern take on luxury bags, the new backpacks tap into Bottega Veneta’s heritage of craftsmanship and sophisticated functionality.