BOSS Summer Occasions

You’ll need to dress party-appropriate. Tailoring should be the first port of call for men, and for those who usually find themselves on the dance floor, a white shirt disguises perspiration better than other colours. Women should reach for a dress with a sharp silhouette. In a night-time setting, the rules of eveningwear apply in terms of colour. But remember this is a joyful occasion and go for a midnight blue instead of black.

Lighter weight tailoring can be done for beach ceremonies – turn to BOSS Travel Line to make sure your suit looks its best after your journey – then swap out your shirt for a breathable jersey T-shirt. It’s perfectly acceptable to dress things down a notch with more easygoing separates. Keep part of your outfit tailored, and stay with a single colour to add extra polish.

Sharp tailoring is a must. For a formal ceremony, the full suit, shirt and tie is a tried-and-tested option you can’t go wrong with. If the bride and groom are more relaxed, tailoring paired with a more casual item like a polo shirt will bring a modern edge to your look.

You can guess that at a country wedding there might be a fair amount of time spent in the open air. Men should opt for fresh summer tailoring, while women are advised to go for a dress in an elegant silhouette. Both sexes should take along a lightweight jacket to be prepared for every weather.