Jimmy Choo Reveals an Exclusive Fashion Shoot With Victoria Song Qian For Prefall 2018

Singer, actress, dancer; a multi-talented individual, Victoria Song Qian is a perfect definition of the modern day woman. The evidently talented actress and singer first emerged on the scene as part of Korean girl group F(X). Nine years later, the star launches her first solo album VICTORIA, is a leading actress in an upcoming TV show, and is praised for her dancing on reality show Hot Blood Dance Crew. In addition to her successful career, Song Qian has carved her way as a style icon recognized for her impactful fashion nous.


For Pre-Fall 2018, Victoria Song shares an exclusive interview and photo diary including some of her favourite styles from the Jimmy Choo collection.



What are your favourite Jimmy Choo pieces from the shoot, and why?

** I liked every piece from the shoot. They’re all so comfortable and versatile. However, what I love the most is the several made-to-order heels with my name engraved on the sole; it always feels nice to have something exclusive for yourself.


Are you a big shoe person?

** I’m a big shoe fan and love buying high heels, although it might be very difficult wearing it all the time.


Named by Vogue as one of the world’s best dressed women, who do you look to for fashion inspiration?

** I am inspired by what other people wear. Every season I attend fashion shows to see the latest trends and try the new looks myself. What I like to keep in mind is that not all trends are suitable for me, so I try my best to find a happy medium.


What is your favourite colour?

** Now I’m currently a big fan of pink



What influences your music? Favourite musician?

** During my career in South Korea I was exposed to a lot of pop, so I’d say this has definitely influenced my music. There are quite a lot of musicians that I admire at the moment, and definitely look forward to working with them.


With dancing being one of your fortes, what is your most memorable dancing story?

** One of the most memorable dancing moments is joining the reality TV show The Hot-Blood Dance Crew. This is where I was able to meet a lot of talented individuals – their persistence and passion for street dance really inspires me. I’ve learned so much while filming on set.



What is your favourite weekend getaway?

** I want to enjoy nature as much as possible. If I’m in the city, I prefer going to a café, window shopping, or travelling to places which I rarely visit. Nonetheless, staying at home is a good getaway too.


When it comes to ambitions, what are you really prioritizing for your future over the next couple of years?

** Acting, singing, and just seeing whatever I am capable of doing.



What is your favourite hobby?

** Go shopping, buy clothes, and try new looks. It’s very fulfilling to try a nice look. In my spare time, I’d like to practice Muay Thai.