Superga®: The Essence Of An Icon

1911, Italy. More than a hundred years ago, the idea of Superga® began to get a foothold in the ingenuity of the young entrepreneur Walter Martiny, who launched the production of rubber products in Turin. A few years later - in 1925 - to satisfy the needs of his tennis player wife, Martiny created the world's first sports shoes with vulcanized natural rubber sole.

In this scenario, and for the last hundred years, being an icon for Superga® has been like a tennis match: the strokes of the beginnings resound in the volleys of the present. At each rebound, the past and the present mirror each other, in an endless fusion between heritage and avant-garde, sports and fashion.

Superga® 2750, universally known as “the classic one”, is still one of the greatest examples of Italian design because it has always stayed true to its roots. Invented in the era before the invasion of plastic, the 2750 is still handmade with cotton, aluminum and natural rubber today and it’s one of the most versatile sneakers ever—unveiling the essence of 2750, the essence of an icon.