Gap Celebrates Iconic Logo

Gap, the iconic American clothing brand, is proud to have one of the most recognized logos in the world. For almost 50 years, the Gap logo has represented the heritage of the Gap brand and its relevance in culture.

To celebrate its history and evolution of the logo, Gap collaborated with director Tabitha Denholm, who has directed music videos for Florence and the Machine, Haim and Jessie J, along with performance and movement director Tanisha Scott, who is best known for her work with Beyoncé, Drake, and Rihanna to create the ‘Logo Remix’ film. The film brings together some of the world’s leading culture remixers in a moment of joy evoked through music and movement by paying homage to the nostalgic Gap ads of the past with a modern, remixed twist. While Tabitha used motion control video techniques to play with space and perspective, Tanisha choreographed a dance sequence that includes remixed versions of unforgettable group dances including “The Wobble,” “Cha Cha,” and “Kid-n-Play.”

‘Logo Remix’ features a global cast of talent who are remixing creative culture on their own terms, whether that be through music, acting, comedy, activism, or being a strong, self-expressive voice in today’s society. This group of influential remixers includes Grammy-nominated singer Sza as well as chart-topping producer Metro Boomin who remixed the music for the film. Working with the iconic ‘80s anthem ‘Hold Me Now’ by British Band the Thompson Twins, off the “Into the Gap” album, Metro Boomin updated the original version with his signature 808 beat, making it relevant to today’s hip-hop culture.

“Gap is always one to celebrate and bring culture to the mainstream, and what better way to do this and celebrate this group of global individuals,” said Craig Brommers, chief marketing officer for Gap.

The ‘Logo Remix’ cast:



Sza – The singer/songwriter is remixing modern femininity by re-shaping the R&B genre with her fierce powerful stance.

Metro Boomin –The go-to producer is remixing music industry rules and is responsible for many of the music charts’ most memorable new sounds.

Sabrina Cloudio – The singer/songwriter is remixing the pop genre with her soulful sound originally released via SoundCloud.



Bria Vinaite – The actress is remixing Hollywood on her own terms discovered via Instagram and already tipped as one to watch.

Miles Heizer – The actor is remixing the teenage experience by tackling roles around mental health and sexuality.

Awkwafina – The comedienne/ actress is remixing the conversation for the viewpoint of second generation Asian-Americans.

Maya Jama – The TV presenter is remixing the script on mental health issues and family norms by speaking openly about personal experiences.



Naomi Watanabe – The actress and comedienne is remixing ingrained assumptions on body image in Japan and around the world with her bold and unapologetic attitude about size-ism and style.

Connor Franta – The YouTube star is remixing the concept of Fame in the digital age, rising to mainstream prominence when he came out as a Gay Man on his channel with a positive and profound effect on his fanbase.

Launching fully on January 28, a :30 version of the ‘Logo Remix’ film will air during The Grammys and live on digital video channels including Vevo, Hulu, and YouTube. The film is supplemented by a ‘Making Of’ video created by The Madbury Club featuring the cast sharing their thoughts on what it means to remix culture and offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the film’s creation.

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