Calling The Lush Community - We Want To Hear From You!

Bathing is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has a different bath ritual, whether it’s a steamy relaxing bath before bed, a glittery upbeat bath before a night out, or maybe it’s a head-to-toe moisturising experience! Using Bath bombs in your daily ritual creates a multi-sensory experience, taking in scent, sound, colour and fizz. Bathing is the ultimate health and wellness ritual.

This year bath bombs turn 30 years old. Originally invented by Lush co-founder Mo Constantine for her children who have sensitive skin, these great balls of bi-carb created colourful silky soft waters for them to enjoy.

To celebrate this birthday, we want to hear your bath bomb stories: How do you pick your bath bomb? How does it make you feel? How do you use it?

Visit the Lush website and explore the bath bomb section, where below each item features a bath bomb story card you can save. Let us know how and why you use yours by sharing this via #wethebathers. You can also see what the rest of the community are sharing by visiting our bath bomb grid here.

Keep checking back to see the grid fill up with tales from the community, be inspired and get bathing! #wethebathers

BeautyJan Almonte