BOSS Style on the Move


Style never stands still. And neither does modern life. Whether your journey is by train, plane or car, getting from A to B and beyond can ruffle even the most impeccable look. BOSS Menswear steps up to this challenge, together with business traveller Jislain Duval and leisure traveller Jeremy Irvine. So whatever the reason for your next journey, read on to discover versatile looks, packing tips and tricks, and travel-friendly pieces that will ensure you are on the move in style, wherever you are heading.

Two men, both on the move in style. Business traveller Jislain Duval and leisure traveller Jeremy Irvine talk packing, planning for the unexpected and the inspiration gained from new horizons in our exclusive travel films.

"60% of my job is traveling," reveals model Jislain Duval in our new business travel film. Jislain wears a lighweight and crease-resistant BOSS Travel Line suit engineered for days on the move. "I see people at the airport carrying their suits, trying desperately not to crease them. I'm not one of those people," he says.

“Traveling for me brings out my adventurous, risk-taking side,” says Jeremy Irvine. “I love traveling for fun. The most genuine experiences I have are the ones which I don’t plan.” Jeremy showcases a mix of timeless and trend-driven casual pieces from BOSS Menswear in our new film.