3 Hip Fashion Influencers Give Their Dads A Surprise Makeover With The Help Of SSI And Central Square

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Our fathers may be men of few words, but they don’t lack ways to show their love for us. Whether it be providing a roof over our heads, putting food on the table, giving us the clothes on our backs, or by simply being the pillar of strength and support in our daily lives -- our dads are the men whom we can lean on and trust to be by our side, whatever the situation.

In celebration of Father’s Day, fashionable creatives Aryanna Epperson, Lissa Kahayon, and David Guison have collaborated with SSI and Central Square, to help transform their fathers from regular Joes to dapper dads with a suave new look and wardrobe. Because pampering loved ones – especially the men who matter most in our lives – never goes out of style.

Like two peas in a pod, Aryanna Epperson and photographer dad Tom are inseparable. And it’s not hard to understand why, as both are creative powerhouses who find endless inspiration and fun in each other. From riding motorcycles and skateboarding, taking photos, and travelling, the two have more than a few things in common.

Raised in a household that doesn’t shy away from being affectionate, the two also find it easy to express their love for each other. “What I admire most about my dad – aside from his dashing, good looks!” laughs 20-year-old daughter Aryanna, “is that he’s very supportive and non-judgmental. He makes me feel that it’s okay to be me.

“Some men have a hard time talking about their feelings and stuff, but not him. He’s always been very understanding and willing to lend a listening ear,” she continues. And what has made them click as father and daughter is a common love and passion for life. “I’ve always believed, we can grow up, but should never grow old,” shares the renowned photographer wisely.

Tom, a spritely 64-year-old, to this day continues to play in a band, joins his family on adventure trips around the world, and loves to dabble on creative pursuits – one of which is fashion.

A man with surfer sensibilities and style – “just a loose shirt and shorts would do!” - Tom is unafraid to try new trends, and for this special shoot gamely dressed up in more polished ensembles.

He’s usually in Chucks, jeans and a T-shirt, but because he’s young at heart, he can definitely pull anything off!” says Aryanna. “Personally, he’s very cool and his style blends with his personality as well. I like it when he does get dressed up in button-down shirts.

Tom is loving his new look and style. It’s casual yet refined; a mix of polished with a younger feel. “It feels great to get a style revamp. I’m thinking– since Aryanna did such a great job polishing me up – I can have my 9-year-old dress me up next time!” he laughs.  

The young and fashionably forward David Guison has a popping feed, and shows confidence and personality through his unique style. He credits this powerful presence to his dad Narciso, who had supported him as a young creative.

Actually, the funny story is that my dad was really the one who kickstarted my career in blogging,” reveals David.I was a student then and I didn’t have the have the budget to buy clothes, but he was the one who pushed me to express myself through fashion.

Now, having established himself as a style influencer and social media “prince”, David is able to give back to the man who saw and supported his lifelong dream. “So now, I get all free clothes!Narciso, 68, laughs, delighted at how his son is now the one helping him beef up his wardrobe.

On the daily, David shares, his dad’s style is limited to the typical wardrobe of round neck T-shirts and jeans. “Though basic, my dad always looked presentable, which is something that has carried over to my personal style.

David and Dad have a lot of free time (David is a freelancer with a flexible work schedule, while dad is a retiree), so the two pretty much spend the whole day together, further strengthening their bond as father and son. “Going to the mall and shopping is something we love because I think my dad and I have pretty much the same style. We also wear the same size, so we borrow each other's clothes!” smiles David. “And I think what I got from him is that he always sticks to classics. When I look back on my outfits, from five to 10 years ago, I don’t cringe because I don't regret those fashion choices. They’re classic with a little bit of edge.

As David explores and expresses his style through new trends, he’s happy to guide his dad on his own fashion journey.

I’m really thankful for my dad – not only for being with me today, but every day -  because he appreciates me and what I do. He doesn’t push me to do this or that, it’s complete acceptance. Not everyone is blessed with such a loving and understanding father, and that’s why I’m grateful for mine.

A banker by profession, Gerry is as expected, conservative when it comes to his style. “Blue, gray, black, and white, the typical office attire that’s pretty much what I have!” laughs Gerry. But according to his daughter, blogger Lissa Kahayon, his limited wardrobe doesn’t do justice to his true and quirky spirit.

Daddy is very patient and hardworking, and light hearted. He’s actually really kenkoy at heart!” she says. As a family of 5, they share numerous fond memories going out of town and travelling with the family, and enjoying the simple moments together. “Happiness is found in life’s simplest joys,” he says.

Though aged 55 and 29, the two describe their relationship more like brother and sister, with her dad being the more demonstrative one when it comes to showing affection. “I’m more of the reserved type, so I’m happy to have this chance to ‘pamper’ him by dressing him up,” admits Lissa.

And push the style boundaries she did for him, with cropped pants, printed shirts and other patterns that are chic, but still age appropriate for her banker dad. As the father of three girls, playing dress up for him is something that’s comfortable and fun, especially as it gives them the opportunity to bond as father and daughter.

I cannot express in enough words how much I love my dad. He’s been so supportive, and he even took a leave from work today to be with me for this shoot. And for that, I’m so thankful,” she says.

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