Yorky Gommino

A dancer, a puppy, and a long-fringed loafer. Tod’s latest video features Renee, contemporary ballet dancer and daughter of the legendary singer Rod Stewart, pirouetting playfully in this video to celebrate the Yorky, a new take on Tod’s iconic Gommino was launched on May 10.

Light and eclectic, the Gommino is the perfect fit for all with a passion for life — ready to dance, to laugh out loud, and to have fun.

Renee, as part of the Tod’s band, grew up surrounded by music and dance and is the ideal storyteller in this choreographic tribute to effortless style and Tod’s Italian way of life.

Renee Stewart
Since graduating from the London Contemporary Dance School in 2016 with a BA (Hons) degree, Renee has been working as a freelance contemporary dancer, where she has been collaborating with other artists on numerous projects. Renee will be performing as part of the Awkward Moment Series created by London based composer, sound artist and DJ MimiXu, at Annabel’s Mayfair on April 25th. She has also recently finished a film piece directed by Leila Bartel and choreographed by Waddah Sinada.

Tod’s She Band SS18
Tod’s She Band 2018: seven international female characters — ranging from performing arts to fashion and social life — invited to leverage personality as the real essence of style. Intentionally coming from several backgrounds and countries, but still sharing a common attitude that binds them all together — the band’s members are differently “ambassadoring” the Italian lifestyle as a trait that goes beyond time and space to be expressed on a global level through signature features.

All of this is what Tod’s intends to enhance by inviting them to star also in an ironic script about digital obsession, as a pretext to involve them in an unconventional role-playing game. Leveraging the idea of shoes as animated objects with a soul embodying personal taste and feelings, this girl talk is a playful story of inner thoughts VS outer reactions told on two different levels: on the table they all play a social character, while under the table their feet (and shoes) tell the truth. Moreover, in order to strike a fun and slightly confidential glance on themselves, the Tod’s She Band 2018 members have been starring in a series of snack interviews in which shoes naturally give way to storytelling.


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