Bally’s Retro Sneaker Collection

Bringing back Bally’s best sneaker styles over the past decades, the collection includes four replications of its most successful lace-ups, from hip-hop era classics to smashing tennis shoes and sporty runners. Originally designed to withstand the rigours of sport, their silhouettes’ elegant simplicity, versatile comfort, and hard-wearing nature meant they crossed the boundaries to casual wear – both then and today.  

The Competition (1983): The original Competition has been replicated with the same shape, lining, and sole as the original shoe from 1983. Featuring a technical shock absorbing polyurethane sole, flexible rocker heel, cushioned tongue, and an extra inner sole, the sneaker is finished with Bally’s signature side stripes and a sporty rubber-gum sole. Taking certain cues from its predecessor — it blends the old sneaker’s appeal with a more modern sensibility. The upper stays true to the original 1983 Competition but the angular sole and curved toe cap clearly channel 2017. The replica in white is available for both men and women alongside one additional derivation for men in suede snuff grey.

The Galaxy (1983): Keeping with Bally’s origins in elevated sportswear, the Galaxy mixes luxury suede with a breathable canvas, while a sporty treaded sole provides traction. The original runner is Bally’s lightest sneaker and perfectly complements any outfit with its universal and unisex style. The original model in garnet has been reproduced for both men and women with the original running sole. Two new versions in Kodak yellow and black are available for men’s and a more feminine blush derivation for women, crafted in canvas with suede and plain leather details.

The Vita-Parcours (1974): A more urban shoe, the Vita-Parcours retains its checkerboard motif, keeping the spirit of the iconic shoe intact. Produced with a modernized sneaker sole, (also used in Bally’s ‘Heimberg’ collection) the snaker comes in its original form and seasonal colours for men in ocean, curry, and snuff grey and for women in ocean and peach.

The Super Smash (1965): Bally’s most popular plimsoll from the ‘60s has been reissued with a vulcanized sole, making it more robust but maintaining comfort. Featuring the same Bally logo on the side, these canvas shoes are available as exact replicas for men and women, in both high and low top versions. The women’s collection includes the original canvas shoes as well as leather derivations in black and white with metallic trimmings. High top styles are also available with heart, lightning bolt, and edelweiss details on the side. The men’s collection includes original low and high top canvas styles in black as well as leather low top versions in white, black, and terra brown. The Super Smash is the casual, easy, every day sneaker.  


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